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JECS President's Statement

In today's challenging education environment, the teacher licensure process is an essential tool that requires more than a basic understanding to ensure that only properly licensed and endorsed teachers are hired for our K-12 classrooms. The Licensure Regulations for School Personnel can be cumbersome and difficult to understand. The licensure regulations also have undergone several changes in recent years and on August 23, 2018 underwent further revisions. At the same time, the newest Federal Law, Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) of 2015, has placed an increased burden on our local school divisions to identify and hire only those teachers who meet federal guidelines. Those guidelines require that all teachers be properly licensed and only be assigned to teaching positions covered by their respective endorsement(s). Therefore, it is important that Human Resources Directors and licensure staff understand all aspects of the licensure puzzle.

Based upon the extensive licensure background and over 21 years of experience working with school divisions across the Commonwealth, Paul Joseph, President, Joseph Education Consulting Services (JECS), is more than capable of providing school divisions with the expertise, training, and timely support to assist them in making appropriate hiring decisions and facilitate the licensure application process. This training can be completed on-site in the form of in-services or one-on-on-one training with the licensure staff. It also can include providing assistance at Job Fairs and individual teacher counseling. Longer term arrangements can also be established through Memorandums of Understanding with local school divisions in which year long service covering all aspects of licensure is provided. With such an agreement school divisions receive 48-hour turn around on any licensure related question. JECS can also provide advice, counseling and evaluation services to individuals who may be unable to receive assistance from either local school divisions or the Department of Education. These individuals receive the same promise of accurate and timely (48 hour) service.

As stated in the JECS motto, "education puts the world in your hands". For that reason, we stand ready to play a key part in that process by helping you, through a better understanding of the licensure requirements, to identify and hire only the best qualified teachers for your classrooms.